Before & After Photos

Each smile is custom designed for the patient’s face and taste. Handcrafted in our in-house lab for the highest quality and ideal esthetics, our porcelain mimics natural tooth shape, depth of color, translucency and texture of natural teeth.

This 73-year-old had her smile restored many years ago due to an accident. Her old crowns were made out of porcelain fused to metal, which blocked the transmission resulting in an unnatural appearance. Our restoration was fabricated by our in-house artisan ceramist to mimic the most ideal tooth form, as well as the light transmission and vitality of natural teeth. The result was a more vibrant smile, with healthier gums and lips. “Sometimes you just want to do something to make you feel better inside, it made me feel better inside. It made me happier with myself. It actually, it did, improve my self esteem. I get many many compliments. Constant compliments on my teeth.” 

This longtime Aspen local had a good smile, but noticed her teeth were starting to wear and her lips were thinning. She wanted her smile restored without anyone knowing what she had done. So we designed a smile for her that gave her a bit more lip support, restored the wear, and gave her an overall brighter appearance. Our in-house ceramist focused on the properties of natural teeth, including variations in shading, translucency, texture and even (faux) crack lines.

Our Anti-AgingSmile transformed this gentleman’s appearance. He now flashes a full and confident smile he is proud of. We are always honored when other doctors travel to see us.

Turchin (2)
This woman came to us looking for a slight refreshening of her smile. After many years of bonding and old veneer she wanted her smile to look fresh, match, and not stain or discolor over time. Just five new veneers gave her the smile she was looking for.

This patient wanted a new smile with at least six new veneers. After careful study, we determined that two new front veneers were his best option as he was not interested in Invisalign or other forms of orthodontic care. It is amazing how well two new front veneers transformed his smile! As you might guess, he is thrilled with his results.

Like many of our patients, this 60 year old woman always wanted a beautiful smile but didn’t want “chiclets” (second time this week a patient referred to a presidential candidate as a model of what they do not want their teeth to look like). Because her teeth were misaligned and her bite far from ideal, we did some Invisalign to get things in a better position before restoring her entire mouth with artisan crafted porcelain veneers and crowns to ideal smile, bite, and face support. She was ecstatic at how natural her smile looked and how confident she became. Her husband liked her new smile so much, he came in as well!

This gentleman desired a brighter smile, but wanted a natural look to suit his face. New veneers were handcrafted to look completely natural, and his smile was designed to better support his face.

From short and worn teeth to a full beautiful new smile. Six front veneers added much-needed length, and the veneers made by our in-house ceramist perfectly match the appearance of natural teeth.

“It’s been a dream really. Right from day one I was very happy I had chosen the right person.” This smile transformation gave this patient, who previously never fully smiled, a beautiful, natural and confident smile to show off. We are honored this patient (and colleague) flew in from New Zealand to work with us.

Many people find a diastema (space between the front teeth) attractive. At our practice, we strive to give patients the smile of their dreams, not the smile of our dreams. This part-time Aspen man was leaving for his other home, and decided to get his smile restored with his East Coast dentist. He was unhappy with the results so he came to us to get his smile right. We redid his 4 front veneers and he was thrilled with the results. “Quality dentistry is not inexpensive, but dentistry gets very expensive the second time around,” says Dr. Turchin

On the other hand, other patients do not like their diastema. This young lady had orthodontics to close hers, and many types of retainers had failed to keep it closed. Why? Because the teeth wanted to return to their natural state. She was lucky enough to have a nice broad dental arch, but had a tooth-size discrepancy. Her orthodontist was making a common mistake of closing all the spacing by retracting the arch. Cases like this need multiple disciplines: Orthodontics to straighten teeth and improve the bite, and restorative dentistry to close the spaces and solve the tooth size/arch size discrepancy. Her dream smile was easily accomplished with just four front porcelain veneers

After bite problems and grinding prematurely wore this mid-20s smile at a young age, she wanted a “Catherine Zeta Jones” smile. Dr. Turchin knew he could make her wish come true with 10 handcrafted porcelain veneers. The patient loved her smile so much she exclaimed, “I like my smile better than Catherine’s!”

This young woman wanted to get rid of her diastema, in favor of a fuller smile. We quickly and carefully bonded the space. Ten years later the results still look absolutely perfect.

Short, discolored and worn teeth did nothing to flatter this lovely woman’s face. Adding length to her teeth gave her lips the ideal curve when she smiles, while positioning teeth where they belong gave her face the support it needs to age beautifully.

“Dr. Andrew Turchin is, by far, the best dentist I have ever been to, and I have been to many in my lifetime. He spent an inordinate amount of time with me, reviewing the health of every tooth. More importantly, I have had TMJ since my 20s and no dentist has ever addressed my bite, the root cause of my jaw issues. He listened to my fears and my concerns. He is a master craftsman! My temporaries were honed so well that they could have been the permanents. I still look totally like myself but better.”

This mid-20s ski racer complained of general dissatisfaction with his smile while in Aspen training for the Olympics. The patient had already undergone orthodontic treatment and declined going through that process again. He also didn’t want to undergo orthognathic surgery to correct his bite. Without surgery, we were able to correct his smile, his bite, and give him a much fuller upper lip. As often happens when patients come for a smile improvement to our office, he left with improved function, health, and facial esthetics.

Harmony is part of nature’s beauty. This patient didn’t know what she didn’t love about her old smile, but was ecstatic when we designed her smile to follow the curve of lip, and removed the discoloration she had been trying to hide for years.

This Aspen art gallerist first came to us with concerns about broken teeth. After a proper exam and diagnosis, we determined the cause was bite-related. Fortunately, fixing bites often has the added benefit of creating a more beautiful smile. The patient ultimately chose to restore both his bite and his smile — despite a good friend and oral surgeon telling him that it was unnecessary. And the benefits, both functional and esthetic, have been self-evident. “I should have done this 20 years ago,” he says.

This 75-year-old financier was no longer feeling confident in his smile and he felt it aged his appearance. He desired a nicer smile that looked natural. He loved the results and was pleasantly surprised that our Anti-Aging Smile™ gave him fuller lips and a better curve to his lower lip.

This was a challenging case as the patient declined the most ideal treatment, which included orthodontics before restoration. But we were still able to give him a new smile that he is extremely proud of with just six porcelain veneers. Now he smiles with confidence!

Before we completed this Anti-Aging Smile™ , this woman said she never really smiled. “Now people always notice that I’m smiling,” she says. “They say I look refreshed. Most people don’t know what I had done, but if they do remark about my new smile, they say it just looks so natural. When you go forward with something this big, you need to have a tremendous amount of trust in who’s doing the procedure. And I knew that [Dr. Turchin] was someone that was going to make this worthwhile.”

This patient was scheduled for her Full Mouth Reconstruction in March, but it was postponed due to Covid. She had previously had veneers done in Chicago, but wanted to show more teeth in her smile, with a more natural but bright look. Our in house artisan ceramist recreated the texture, translucency, and shape of natural teeth which made even this super bright shade look natural. Too often the lightest shades of porcelain can look unnatural. We have found that making sure the veneers have depth of color goes a long way in making sure they reflect and absorb light the way nature intended. Now she has the smile she always wanted!