Completely White

Completely White

Powerful Sensitivity-Free Tooth Whitening.

Befitting our quality care, our process is the most advanced, most comfortable on the market.


What is Completely White?

Completely White is a system of tooth whitening designed, developed, and perfected by Dr. Andrew Turchin. Dr. Turchin felt that there was a need in the dental industry for an easier, less invasive whitening option. Completely White does not cause tooth or gum sensitivity and uses absolutely no light source to activate ingredients. 

The Completely White system consists of an in-office process that takes approximately one hour, and uses the latest patented technology to whiten teeth quickly and without sensitivity. In addition, the system includes a Completely White maintenance program to keep your results for as long as the program is followed.

Why do you need Completely White treatment?

If you have stained, discolored, or yellowed teeth, the Completely White program is a great option for you. Completely White is even safe on sensitive teeth and for patients who haven’t whitened their teeth in a long time because of issues concerning sensitivity. The maintenance program that is given to you in conjunction with Completely White will help to prolong your results. This prevents the rebound effect of tooth staining and the need for additional in-office treatment.

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What makes you a good candidate for Completely White?

If you have been to the dentist in the last year and do not have periodontal disease or other intraoral conditions, Completely White is safe and suitable for you. Before having the whitening done, you will have a consultation and exam with Dr. Andrew Turchin who will help to answer questions regarding treatment. Completely White is a quick, effective, and easy option and can do wonders for removing years’ worth of stains and discoloration that other products failed to fix.

What is the procedure like for the Completely White treatment?

Completely White is done in-office for optimal results. A proprietary ingredient is used to effectively whiten teeth by multiple shades. You can expect absolutely no sensitivity during and after the treatment has been done. Completely White takes roughly one hour in our office before it is complete and results are achieved. You will be given an important maintenance protocol that works in conjunction with Completely White. This maintenance program is specifically designed to help you maintain your results without the need for additional in-office whitening.

If you’re interested in Completely White, please call our office and our helpful team will schedule an appointment for you.