Meet the Doctor

Meet Dr. Andrew Turchin

Dr. Andrew Turchin is a Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentist based in Aspen, Colorado. Prior to following his passion for skiing to Aspen, the first 13 years of his career were spent in Manhattan, where he trained under leading cosmetic dentists and built a world class cosmetics practice. His interest in the integration of health and beauty inspired him to develop the Anti-Aging Smile™; a system designed to slow and reverse the aging process by simultaneously supporting the lips and lower face with a broad smile, while relaxing the musculature of the face by correcting the posture of the jaw, giving a subtle Botox-like effect.

He now teaches this process to dentists from all over the country in his Cosmetic Confidence Coaching Program and as the Cosmetic Faculty for numerous organizations such as The Phelps Institute, The Dental Success Network, and Practice on Fire. His contributions to dentistry were highlighted in a chapter of the book titled “Titans of Dentistry” where the authors stated, “Dr. Turchin’s temporary veneers are better than most dentists’ permanents. I admire his dedication to clinical excellence.”

Dr. Turchin’s desire to give his patients the very best has kept his schedule busy. As the science and art of dentistry moves forward, Dr. Turchin is dedicated to being at the forefront. But he knows that personalized and thoughtful care is the most important quality in treating people.

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Dr. Andrew Turchin graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 1999. His quest for more knowledge landed him at Columbia University where he was a Fellow in their Advanced Education in General Dentistry program. After finishing at Columbia, Dr. Turchin began private practice as an associate at a prominent Fifth Avenue practice renowned for their reconstructive work. In 2002, Dr. Turchin opened his own practice on Fifth Avenue practicing both preventive and reconstructive dentistry. Six months after September 11th, Dr. Turchin was asked to join World Trade Center Dental to help rebuild their great practice, which he was honored to do part-time while maintaining his own office. In 2008, Dr Turchin expanded his practice to a much larger space on Madison Avenue, where he designed the practice of his dreams which comforted his patients in a non-clinical environment, while under the surface being equipped with the best dental technology had to offer.

In 2012, after 13 years of practicing at the top of Manhattan Dentistry, Dr. Turchin sold his practice to follow his dream of living and practicing in Aspen, Colorado. It was hard for him to say goodbye to such an amazing practice with so many wonderful patients and a great team. He now enjoys bringing the very best preventive, general, and reconstructive dentistry that he is known for in New York to Aspen, while appreciating the wonders of nature. Dr. Turchin has taken the helm at the practice that was started by the great late Bill Comcowich and then carried on by Lloyd Herman. He is honored to continue the legacy of quality dentistry that the practice has always been known for and to further Aspen’s reputation as a leader in quality dentistry.

Outside of practice and lecturing, Dr. Turchin is an avid lover of the outdoors, and especially enjoys skiing. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Gina, and their two daughters; 5-year-old Ava, and 1-year-old Lia. His appreciation of great food and wine has prompted him to become an amateur cook and has even appeared on the cooking show Taste of New York. Check out his appearance on the Taste of New York below!