Amalgam Replacement

What is an Amalgam Replacement?

Amalgam fillings were used many years ago as a way to replace decay in one or more of a patient’s teeth. Amalgam fillings contain metal, which can be unsightly to a person’s smile. Some patients simply do not want metal in their mouth and are ready to replace amalgam fillings with more suitable composite resin materials. Dr. Andrew Turchin offers amalgam replacement for patients wanting to change their smile and remove metal fillings from their mouth.

Why should you consider Amalgam Replacement?

If you have older metal fillings, you may want to remove them because you want a more natural-looking smile. This is especially true for patients who have many amalgam fillings that can easily be seen if they open their mouth or smile. Likewise, you might want to replace amalgam fillings because you want to remove any traces of metal from your mouth. We are able to provide you with amalgam replacement easily and quickly in our office.

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What makes you a good candidate for Amalgam Replacement?

To be considered for amalgam replacement, you need to have metal fillings that you’d like to remove and replace. You will need to come into our office for a consultation and exam to check these fillings and to determine the best way to remove and replace them. Most people who want to have old metal fillings removed are easily able to do so and benefit greatly from replacement. In many cases, replacing older metal fillings can improve the strength and overall integrity of your teeth.

What can you expect during the procedure for Amalgam Replacement?

Before older amalgam fillings can be removed, you’ll need to come in for a consultation and exam. The areas where fillings will be replaced will be numbed for your comfort. You will then have the older metal fillings removed quickly using a variety of tools and dental machinery. Any decay found in the tooth will be quickly removed and the hole will be prepped for the new filling. Tooth-colored composite resin is poured into the hole and shaped for a perfect, smooth fit. The resin is then cured into place and you can benefit from a more natural-looking smile.

If you want to have old amalgam fillings replaced, our we are available to take your call and schedule you with an appointment.