Our Practice

We are dedicated to keeping our patients healthy in a comfortable non-judgmental environment. Everything in our practice is designed for the best experience and results.

From ceiling mounted televisions and noise cancellation headphones for comfort, to our in-house ceramist who hand makes all of our porcelain crowns and veneers for natural aesthetics and a microscopic fit (needed for gum health and longevity). Our practice is designed for the best care.

Dr. Turchin moved to Aspen in 2012 after training in NYC and practicing in Manhattan for 13 years. His passions are people’s oral health and smiles. Outside of the office, he loves to ski, cook, and spend time with his wife Gina, and their daughters Ava and Lia. He lectures nationally and is the Cosmetic Faculty of the Dental Success Network. His contributions to education in dentistry were recently honored in a chapter of the book Titans of Dentistry.

Our clinical care nurses, Elena and Greiber, have a combined 25 years experience caring for patients. Belem, our full-time hygienist, was trained as a dentist in Peru, raised her son in the valley for the last 13 years, and has practiced hygiene for the last 5 years.

We believe the wonderful people of our community are what make Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley so special. We are honored to be part of this caring community. Join us in our goal to spread the health and beauty benefits of good oral care.

We are here to help.

We are committed to our patients and community near and far. These are our promises to all of our patients.

  1. Treat each patient like we would our mother, father, or children.
  2. Thus explain all of the options and the benefits of each so you can make an informed decision.
  3. Scour the world for the best techniques, protocols, materials and most importantly, people, to help give the very best dental care.
  4. Spread the knowledge of SmileFit, and predictable, natural, beautiful smiles throughout the world for as many dentists and their patients to experience the benefits.
  5. Charge a fair price for our care.  This may not be the cheapest as that wouldn’t allow us to provide the very best care, but we will offer a good cost/benefit ratio.
  6. Constantly improve protocols and systems to add predictability and longevity to the care we provide.
  7. Provide cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry based on the very best nature has to offer – natural, beautiful, and long lasting.
  8. Offer thorough preventive dentistry designed to minimize or eliminate future dental treatment.
  9. Help our patients with their overall health such as headache treatment and Sleep Apnea screening and treatment.
  10. We GUARANTEE you’ll love your smile when trusting us with this important feature of yourself. See details here.

We’re proud of and appreciate all of our out of town patients.  From those that drive long distances from other parts of Colorado, to those that fly from out of state- our goal is to make it worth the drive and provide the very best that dental care has to offer.

We’re happy to help with any travel arrangements necessary to visit us and enjoy your time in Aspen. These include flights, hotel accommodations at discounted rates, restaurant recommendations and reservations.

We are experts at fitting the highest level of dentistry, that considers both health and facial beauty, into a concise treatment time. Feel free to let us know you’re desired schedule and goals, and we will make it happen. With a few photos and models from your local dentist, we can completely preplan your treatment and have 3-D Blueprints ready in advance of your visit. We often provide phone consultations with our out of state patients to discuss treatment options and help you make the best treatment decisions for you.

To schedule a phone or in person Consultation, please call our office at (970)925-7730

Do you want to love your smile?

Are you nervous to fix your smile because you don’t know if you’ll like the results?

We are the only dentist in the country that GUARANTEES you will love your new smile. 

The reason we can do this for our patients, is we use our Dual Blueprint Method to insure our patients get the smile of THEIR dreams. We are so confident in our process that we 100% Guarantee you will LOVE your smile.

If you have a smile makeover performed by us and are unsatisfied for ANY reason, we promise to fix it to your satisfaction or pay for you to have it done by anyone else in the country for up to 20% more than the fee you paid us.  We are that confident that no one in the country can satisfy you more than our Smile Design Team.

Because many of our patients are busy and would prefer to have their dental work performed with less visits, we offer a list of comfort items for you to choose during longer visits with us. Of course, with a polite request, these items will be available for shorter appointments as well.

  • Noise Cancellation Headphones
  • Movies and TV shows On Demand shown on high definition monitor
  • iPod or SiriusXM radio
  • Aromatherapy
  • Post Treatment Facials, massage, and other Spa Treatments
  • Oral Sedation (i.e. Valium or other anti-anxiety medication)
  • Car Service transportation
  • Travel Arrangements and Hotel Accommodations for out of town guests
  • Assortment of juices, teas, and coffee
  • Panini, cookies, or smoothie for a mid-treatment break
  • Warm moist towelette for refreshment at conclusion of visit
  • Blanket
  • Personal all natural lip balm
  • Advil

Our office was designed to be warm and inviting. From color corrected lighting so our patient’s restorations match perfectly, to ceiling mounted monitors so you can relax and watch a film during your procedure, our team does everything we can to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

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our dental office in aspen colorado
our dental office in aspen colorado