Emergency Care

What is Emergency Care?

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and often when we least expect them. Even with routine preventative care, an emergency can occur that leaves you feeling distressed, frustrated, and in pain. If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, it is important to make an appointment to be seen right away. When you have the emergency handled and treated quickly, it prevents the problem from developing into something more serious.

Why might you need Emergency Care?

We consider any dental emergency important, so there is never a wrong time to contact us if you think you may be dealing with an emergency situation. An emergency can be something as simple as a filling that’s fallen out or something more drastic like an abscess that is causing severe pain. We are equipped to handle many different emergencies and will work to get you pain-free and treated quickly. Dr. Andrew Turchin is here to make your emergency appointment comfortable and convenient.

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What can be considered a Dental Emergency?

There is never an emergency that is too big or too small for our office to handle. If your dental situation is causing you pain, discomfort, or is causing you to feel distressed, we’re here to take you in and begin treatment. Some of the most common emergencies that we see regularly include:

  • Abscesses and infections
  • Tooth pain
  • Gum bleeding, inflammation and pain
  • Wisdom tooth pain
  • Lost restorations (crowns, fillings, fixed bridges, veneers)
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Surgery complications
  • Broken, fractured, chipped or cracked teeth

What can you expect during the procedure for Emergency Care?

If you are dealing with a dental emergency, contact our office immediately so that we can work to get you in right away. When you come into the office, we will take x-rays of the area to diagnose the problem and plan the proper treatment. If an infection is present, we will prescribe antibiotics first before treatment can get started. We can work with you to have treatment for the emergency done at your earliest convenience. Dr. Andrew Turchin is here to help you feel better no matter what type of emergency you are dealing with. It is up to you to contact us if you are ready to be seen for the emergency you’re experiencing.

“There are no other options, you’ve gotta go to Dr. Turchin. He’ll take the best care of you, you’ll have the best time, it’s enjoyable, friendly. You’re paying for what you get. There are no shortcuts, you’re getting the best care you can have, year round. I think he is hands down the only option in town.”        – Reid H.

Patient Stories: Reid H.

Patient Testimonials

On vacation and my crown broke on a Friday. First dentist closed. Dr Turchin wasn’t open for office hours but the was there and kind enough to see me. Not only was he the first dentist to successfully numb me he was passionate about his work and clients. Fabulous Dentist! Top pick if I lived in the Aspen area. Kristen was also exceptional, his receptionist. Saved my vacation!! Thanks Dr Turchin.

Jean Geske

Google Review

Dr Turchin was wonderful and caring. My front tooth broke off while I was on holiday and I heard that he was an excellent cosmetic dentist who might be able to fix it quickly and painlessly. I left a voicemail around 9:30 Saturday evening and he returned my call in less than 30 minutes! He was vacationing out of town but helped me locate another dentist in town. Dr. Turchin sent me text messages EVERY DAY of my stay in Aspen to check on my progress and offered to see me the night he returned (even though he was still technically on vacation) to repair the tooth if I was still in town. He also found a terrific surgeon for me in my hometown so I could have a permanent repair when I returned home. A doctor with that kind of compassion HAS TO BE GREAT!


Google Review

Arriving in Aspen to spend four days skiing, I had a huge toothache. Scared, the friendly staff fit me in quickly.X-rays were taken by the gentle, thorough dental assistant. Dr. T reassured me I had an infection under my cap and prescribed antibiotics. Also thorough examination of my entire mouth with explanations. Receptionist assisted me with filling out the “paperwork” initially. I’m so thankful and I feel better.

Mary W

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Watch Dr. Andrew Turchin discuss emergency dental care and whether or not it is free.

If you have a dental emergency and need to be seen right away, call our office and we can work to get you in as quickly as possible.