Bruxism or Tooth Grinding Treatment

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a dental condition that involves regular, incessant grinding of the teeth. Most often, tooth grinding is done at night when you’re least aware of it. Over time, constant tooth grinding can wear down the teeth and cause breaks, fractures, and cracks. Treatment is necessary to put a stop to bruxism and the effects that come with it.

What is the treatment for Tooth Grinding?

We offer treatment for bruxism in the form of a flexible, comfortable mouth guard. The guard is worn at night while you sleep and creates a cushion between the upper and lower teeth. This prevents the teeth from grinding together and can save you from unnecessary dental restoration work. We can identify if you grind your teeth with a simple visual oral exam.

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What makes you a good candidate for Bruxism or Tooth Grinding Treatment?

Dr. Andrew Turchin will conduct an examination to check for signs of tooth grinding. Oftentimes, patients who grind their teeth have flat crowns with few ridges and cusps. Patients may complain that they wake up with jaw pain, headaches, or tooth pain. X-rays can be used in conjunction with a visual exam to check for signs of bruxism.

What happens during the procedure for Bruxism or Tooth Grinding Treatment?

Once it’s been determined that you have bruxism and grind your teeth, you’ll come in to begin treatment. Treatment involves creating impressions of your mouth so that a guard can be made. Once the guard is made, you’ll come back into the office and have it fitted. We can make adjustments where needed so that you experience a comfortable, perfect fit. It is incredibly important that you wear the mouth piece each night in order for it to be effective. Patients with bruxism find that this treatment helps to save their teeth from wear and tear it gets rid of the morning-time headaches and jaw pain that they’ve been experiencing.

If you have bruxism and grind your teeth regularly, call our office so that we can see you and begin treatment.

Patient Testimonials

Totally fixed my problem, the dentist here (Dr Turchin) deserves a medal! While in the UK my jaws were constantly in pain, I thought I had cavities all over. I went to a local practice and the dentist there prescribed a crazy expensive treatment plan and told me it was a huge deal… I came to Dr Turchins office while in Aspen to get a second opinion, he took some X-rays and showed me the real problem is that I grind my teeth at night and it’s wearing my teeth down. Within 5 minutes he made me a simple night guard and after a few days of using it the headaches are gone totally…

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