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What is Veneer Replacement?

If you have had veneers placed in the past and are unhappy with the way they look, you can have veneer replacement done. This procedure involves removing the unnatural-looking veneers and replacing them with new veneers. The veneers that are created for you are custom-made to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, providing you with a full, beautiful smile. Dental veneers can last for up to 10 years before they will need to be professionally replaced.

Why should you Replace Unnatural-Looking Veneers?

When veneers look unnatural, they can take away from the beauty of your smile. You might feel embarrassed to smile because of the way that the veneers look. The veneers may even be uncomfortable if they were not placed correctly. It’s not uncommon for old, poorly-placed veneers to get in the way of talking, eating, and chewing.

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What makes you a good candidate for Veneer Replacement?

If you do not like the way that your older veneers look, it’s time to consider full veneer replacement. We work with all types of veneers and are able to fully remove the old ones to replace them with new ones. The new veneers are custom-made to look like the rest of your teeth while enhancing your smile, giving you natural-looking results.

What can you expect when having Veneer Replacement done?

You will first need to come in for a consultation with Dr. Andrew Turchin who will perform an exam and look at the old veneers. You will then have the older veneers carefully removed. The teeth are filed down underneath to remove excess cement and to prepare the surface for new veneers. Impressions are made to create your new veneers and a tooth color match is taken. The new veneers will be created for you and you’ll need to come back in to have them placed. The veneers are placed on the fronts of your teeth and filed down to look completely natural.

If you want or need to have unnatural-looking veneers replaced, call our office and we can get you in for a full consultation appointment.

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