The AGELESS Smile ™

The Ageless Smile™

Dr. Turchin’s Ageless Smile not only crafts beautiful smiles, but also supports the lips and face in a way that slows – and in many cases reverses – the effects of gravity and aging. He developed his unique algorithm by analyzing thousands of naturally occurring, beautiful smiles to isolate those factors that give the luckiest among us the best smiles well into our ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

Too often dentists focus on teeth through micro lenses without ever zooming out to see the larger impact of their work. From the bite, which, when perfected, relaxes the jaw and gives a subtle Botox-like effect; to a broad tooth placement which keeps the skin taught; and even how much of your teeth is on display when smiling and at rest, Dr. Turchin takes a more holistic approach to his brand of life-changing dentistry.

Lip Support

Full lips are a sign of youth and beauty. And today, more than ever, full lips are en vogue. But oftentimes injections can look and feel unnatural or even detract from a smile by obscuring teeth.

Our Anti-Aging Smile algorithm places teeth in the perfect position to support the lips ideally and naturally. See how adjusting a patients bite and tooth position can have a dramatic impact. In addition to a better smile, this patient now has an ideal lip projection. And his profile went from concave to straight.

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“Teeth are the tentpoles of the face, and placing them in the correct position can help prevent the tent from drooping due to the effects of gravity and aging,” explains Dr. Turchin.

Dr. Turchin Teaches Anti-Aging Dentistry

Dr. Turchin is experienced in teaching dentists how cosmetic dentistry can support the lips and face to slow down or reverse the aging process. It is his mission to help as many people as possible with Anti-Aging dentistry by teaching his Ageless process to dentists from all over the country.