dental implants aspen co

Implants are one of the most popular dental restoration procedures done in our office. Implants give patients that beautiful white smile they desire. At Family Dental Care we offer a few different implant procedures to our patients. Each patient’s needs are unique, and our goal is to help our patients choose the best option that fits their needs.

Traditional Dental Implants:

Andrew Turchin, DMD offers traditional dental implants. This type of implant takes multiple appointments, and is used for patients that have broken, cracked, or missing teeth. Traditionally implants have two steps in the process. The first step is to place the implant in the jawbone. Once the implants have been placed, there is a healing period that has to take place so the implants can fuse to the jawbone. We also evaluate our patients to ensure they have enough bone present to support the implants. If needed, bone grafting can be done to give patients additional bone, and provide the support that is required. This is an additional step that is added to the process if needed.

The healing process takes a few months to complete and this varies per patient. Once the healing process is complete, an abutment or connector is used, and this is placed on top of the implant. We then affix a crown securely on the implant. The crowns are custom made to match each patient’s size, shape, and color of their natural teeth. Temporary crowns may be used while we wait for the permanent crown to be installed.

Implants give patients a strong and reliable tooth restoration option. They are built to last upwards of 15 years or a lifetime. We recommend good oral hygiene and regular dental visits to keep your implants looking and feeling healthy. On average, implants take between four and six months to fully heal, and this varies for each patient.

If you are interested in finding out more about dental implants, contact us today to schedule your appointment.