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How can you Slow Facial Aging?

Every person ages differently and at varying rates. However, certain dental-related conditions can actually make you look older beyond your years. If teeth are missing or are sloped inward or awkwardly, the facial muscles sink in to accommodate the underlying structure. This can create deep-set lines and wrinkles as well as a sunken-in appearance. With the help of both Botox injections as well as correcting the position of your teeth, we will be able to create a more youthful-looking face.

Why might you want to Slow Facial Aging?

If you appear older than you are, this can have an effect on your confidence. Unfortunately, not even the best facial creams or serums will work if your teeth and bite are to blame for premature aging. The only way to correct this problem is with a complete smile makeover. The makeover helps your teeth sit more evenly and bulks out the cheeks so that they appear more youthful.

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What makes you a candidate for Facial Aging Prevention?

If you’re ready to prevent or slow down the aging process, it’s time to come in for a consultation. Most people who want to have a smile makeover to slow down the aging process are eligible for these procedures. However, a consultation and examination are required prior to having work done. Depending on the amount of work that is needed, you can have a fully rejuvenated look in a matter of weeks or months.

What can you expect with the procedure to Slow Facial Aging?

The first step is to come in for a consultation with Dr. Andrew Turchin. He will examine the teeth and conduct a treatment plan that is specifically designed to fill in and correct facial structures. You will be told what needs to be done as part of your smile makeover. It is important to come in and have the work done in order for it to be successful. You are in complete control over the smile makeover and we will work in conjunction with your budget and availability.

If you would like to put a stop to or slow down the facial aging process, call our office and our helpful staff members can further assist you.